Jay Leno wanted to find out what true power is, when he sat in the 2,500 HP powered Hemi Under Glass with legendary stunt driver, Bob Riggle.

Hurst Hemi Under Glass is the name given to a series of exhibition drag racing cars campaigned by Hurst Performance between 1965 and 1975. The car was so named because the fuel injected Chrysler Hemi engine was placed under the Barracuda’s exceptionally large rear window.

The result of the rearward weight transfer was a “wheelie” down the length of the drag strip.

Well…not now!

No worries. The original 1965 car is still owned by Bill Shrewsberry and is in storage in Southern California. Riggles is driving this replica since 1992.

The accident could have been avoided if Riggles applied the brakes much harder and longer…

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